MELCAL supplies quality deck handling solutions, including modern lifting appliances, winches and custom deck handling equipment.

Our equipment portfolio is built on MELCAL’s deeply rooted tradition in engineering, proven design principles and ISO manufacturing standards. The flexible, scalable platform of our standard equipment series allows us to furnish many different configurations, sizes and capacities competitively. MELCAL’s custom deck handling equipment is engineered and built to client specifications. Our solid engineering competence and dedicated project organization facilitate professional client engagement from project conceptualization to equipment delivery and commissioning on-site.

Deck handling solutions manufactured and serviced by MELCAL are safe to use, operator friendly and ready to deliver true performance, independent of their application or area of installation.


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The importance of team competence in welding process

The importance of team competence in welding process

ISO Standards are defined as a universal language of quality that offers a framework for organizations to work within specific requirements and guidelines. In our industry, welding ISO standards, such as ISO 3834, play a vital role in ensuring that welded products...

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