ATEC S.r.l., an Italian engineering company, has awarded MELCAL for Alkion Terminal Vado Ligure project. MELCAL scope of the work consists of engineering, manufacture, supply and test of one service crane including HPU and control stand. The foldable knuckle boom telescopic crane will perform with a high level of safety and reliability in ATEX Zone 2, IIA gas group and T3 temperature class. Industrial environments like oil refineries, gas power plant, chemical and petrochemical plants are potentially hazardous settings, the risk of fire explosion concerns for the safety of people. Deployment of handling solutions in locations with explosive atmospheres has been on the increase and there has been a growing need for electrical and mechanical equipments that comply with the ATEX directive.
ATEX covers the full range of electrical and mechanical equipment, including communication radios, electrical motors, valves and mechanical components. Therefore, MELCAL develops explosion-proof handling solutions by following up strict rules and product quality. Alkion Terminal Vado Ligure (ATVL) is located near the commercial harbour of Vado Ligure and the future Maersk platform, in the north of Italy on Tyrrhenian Sea. The location allows an easy handling of petroleum products from industrial zones in the north of Italy to all Mediterranean Sea and conversly.