Fishing and fish farming

MELCAL’s many deliveries to the fishing and fish farming industry prove that we understand the  industry’s requirements and deliver deck handling solutions that meet the owner’s expectations.  MELCAL deck handling solutions are designed to withstand high and frequent loads in the harsh  weather conditions. Live fish carriers, trawlers and purse seiners can be equipped with MELCAL  cranes to load provisions and handle net cages, or with our proven solutions, designed specifically  for the aquaculture industry and the transfer of fish food. MELCAL delivers foldable knuckle boom cranes to support most common operations in the fishing and fish farming industry. All cranes share a robust, maintenance friendly design to ensure maximum equipment availability, safety and  efficient operations onboard. 

Our references include fishing vessels, such as the M/V Martin, With Junior, Frøy Fenris and Smøla  Viking.