In the cool and steady sea temperatures of the North Atlantic current in the Faroe Islands, the collaborative efforts of MELCAL and MEST Shipyard are fundamental to implementing solutions that can meet the toughest weather conditions which the fish farmers are working under. MEST is a modern Shipyard located in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, with traditions dating back to 1898; this partnership has enabled the companies to become more competitive by delivering reliable solutions.


MELCAL cranes are designed in close cooperation with MEST Shipyard, in order to operate under difficult Faroese winter conditions, high wave heights and strong winds. MELCAL CEO, Benedetto Catanzaro, said: “We have experienced constant growth on the fishing market and have successfully renewed ourselves in the course of the years, bringing our offer more and more in line with the segment’s needs, exploiting know-how in terms of lifting equipment design, production and expanding after-sales assistance”.


Among the most important projects that MELCAL has carried out together with MEST Shipyard are cranes installed on board of catamaran workboats and service vessels for the fish farming industry. As an example the larger service vessels M/S Martin require extreme flexibility in their operations – lifting whole fishfarming cages in tough weather conditions in order to repair or clean them. They have therefore installed 4 cranes with precise 360° rotation and precise stepless speed control. M/S Martin is a former offshore supply vessel which is rebuilt into a fish farming service vessel by MEST Shipyard. The vessels are in constant operation and the feedback from the customer “Bakkafrost” has been very good.


MELCAL foldable knuckle telescopic boom cranes are designed to safely handle the maximum load capacities at maximum outreach, under the most adverse angle of inclination and side forces, where high slewing torque is needed. The demand for reliability and a long service life deck crane are guaranteed through excellent build quality, along with the use of high quality components, NORSOK standard coating system and extensive use of seawater resistant materials; moreover, a high level of standardized components, allow the crew to optimize their time with a minimum level of user friendly and cost efficient maintenance tasks.