In second quarter of 2017 MELCAL took a decision to change the direction of the company.  The shareholders have decided to increase the share capital and to change the company’s name from MELCAL S.r.l. to MELCAL S.p.A. With a new structure and a new leadership team, led by Benedetto Catanzaro, MELCAL is ready to implement a new business strategy responding to industry opportunities.
MELCAL S.p.A. management is organized around a limited company/Inc with a Board of Directors: at MELCAL S.p.A., the registered management consists of the Group CEO, the Group COO and the Group CFO.

“We are extremely proud about steps MELCAL has made. Timing is right for us as well as for the company to change. Moreover, we are looking forward to further developing our existing relationships with our partners and customers by building safe, reliable high quality handling solutions”. Salvatore Melia, MELCAL COO, continued saying:

”I am honored to be nominated as new COO”.


Benedetto Catanzaro, MELCAL CEO said:
“Year by year, project by project, we worked very closely with our stakeholders, creating partnerships and continually interacting with customers, suppliers and employees. This moment represents a milestone in MELCAL history. This change strengths our position in the market and reaffirm our commitment to invest in our people, our know-how and technologies. We remain focused on the execution of our strategy, by maximizing value, delivering top quality products and building our future business”.