ISO Standards are defined as a universal language of quality that offers a framework for organizations to work within specific requirements and guidelines. In our industry, welding ISO standards, such as ISO 3834, play a vital role in ensuring that welded products meet a certain level of quality and safety for the end-user.

Standardizing the welding processes reduces the risk of errors and inconsistencies, which, in turn, provides more reliable and safer products. At MELCAL, welding coordinator is responsible for managing complex welding activities, ensuring the right equipment, procedures, and personnel are in place to streamline the production process and ensure optimal quality in the final products.

“Achieving a high level of quality is paramount in welding to maintain the product’s structural integrity and safety for our customers. Maintaining compliance with these standards helps MELCAL to establish a credible and reliable reputation among shipyards, ship owners and certification authorities”, stated Salvatore Melia, member of board of Director and MELCAL COO.

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