In a year unlike any other, I would like to thank our employees, partners, suppliers, and clients for pulling together as a business community.  Although we have grown somewhat accustomed to long periods of social distancing, we have all invested in maintaining the personal relations that allow us to continue and collaborate as professionals.


This year has taught us that human interaction and live communication remain invaluable, and that access to real time information is indispensable for MELCAL to grow and thrive in a dynamic business environment. This year we have continued to invest in our facilities and personnel to increase our capacity and improve our value

creation process. Next year will see the introduction of new instruments and systems to facilitate systematic interaction with our partners, and clients around the globe.


Christmas is about the celebration of peace and about rejoicing in the birth of hope. The availability of vaccines heralds the end of a very difficult period and offers hope and perspective of our lives returning to normal.


I wish you a merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year.


Benedetto Catanzaro