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Privacy Statement

This is the privacy statement of MELCAL S.p.A., having its head office at Zona Industriale c/da Fegotto, S.P. 11 Km 0,6, 91013 Calatafimi-Segesta (TP) in Italy.



Customer: The natural or legal person who uses the Services of MELCAL S.p.A. or who has visited the Website;

The Service(s): All the Products and/or Service(s) of MELCAL S.p.A., including, among others, Cranes for offshore and marine;

Personal Data: Every detail pertaining to an identified or identifiable natural person;

Website: The website;


Use of our services

This privacy policy applies to the processing of (Personal) Data of the Customer/User via the Website, as well as to using the services of MELCAL S.p.A.

Under the GDPR, MELCAL S.p.A. is designated as controller. That is why the Customer/User can find in this privacy statement which (personal) Data MELCAL S.p.A. processes and what MELCAL S.p.A. does with this (personal) data.

The (personal) Data and the privacy that goes with it, will be handled with the most care.

The (Personal) Data and the associated privacy are collected, processed and, if necessary, kept with the utmost care.


Purpose of the data processing

When the Customer/User purchases Services or Products from MELCAL S.p.A., MELCAL S.p.A. will ask the Customer/User to provide (Personal) Data. This Data is stored in the customer system of MELCAL S.p.A. and used to deliver the Products or the Services to the Customer/User.

The (Personal) Data can be used by MELCAL S.p.A. to inform the Customer/User about the Products or the Services. MELCAL S.p.A. will only do so when the Customer/User has explicitly given permission for this. The Customer/User may at any time stop receiving mailings using the method specified in the particular mailing.

The (Personal) Data will only be used by MELCAL S.p.A. MELCAL S.p.A. does not provide the (Personal) Data to third parties without the permission of the Customer/User, unless MELCAL S.p.A. is obliged to do so on a legal basis or a court order, or if this is necessary for the execution of an agreement between the Customer/User and MELCAL S.p.A.


The (personal) data

MELCAL S.p.A. collects / processes Data when a Customer/User:

  1. Visits the website;
  2. Places an order for Services or Products of MELCAL S.p.A.;

MELCAL S.p.A. collects/processes the following (personal) Data:
– First and last name contact person;
– Company Name;
– Phone number;
– E-mail address;

– Chamber of Commerce number;

– Bank account number


The GDPR principles

MELCAL S.p.A. processes (Personal) Data on the basis of the following principles:

Principle 1 – Consent

MELCAL S.p.A. requests permission from the Customer/User for the use of the (Personal) Data. MELCAL S.p.A. requests this permission by having the Customer/User tick a box designated for that purpose before the Customer/User registers for the relevant Products / Services.

Principle 2 – Necessary for the execution of an agreement

MELCAL S.p.A. processes (Personal) Data because this is necessary for the execution of the agreement concluded with Customer /User. The purpose of the agreement is not to process the (Personal) Data, but has a different purpose, namely providing the Services. The Customer/User has the possibility to view, change or delete the (Personal) Data at any time. There will be more information about this below.


The retention periods

MELCAL S.p.A. complies with the retention periods that are set for the processing of the (Personal) Data. MELCAL S.p.A. keeps the (Personal) Data for as long as this is necessary for the performance of the service, but no longer than 3 years after the completion of the relevant Services.

The (Personal) Data will only be stored if the chosen Products/Services require this. The (Personal) Data provided by the Customer/User can at all times be viewed or changed by the Customer/User.


The register of processing activities

MELCAL S.p.A. has drawn up a register of processing activities. 


The security measures

MELCAL S.p.A. has taken various security measures to protect the (Personal) Data. For example, MELCAL S.p.A. uses secured computers and a secured server. 


The rights of the Customer /User

Under the GDPR the Customer/User has the following rights:

  • Right of access;
  • Right to rectification and supplementation;
  • Right to oblivion;
  • Right to limit processing;
  • Right of objection

MELCAL S.p.A. has drawn up a procedure in case the Customer/User requests to exercise a right accruing to the Customer/User. If the Customer/User wants to use one of the rights mentioned above, the Customer/User can indicate this by sending an email to MELCAL S.p.A. will respond within no more than 14 days.



General Data is stored on the MELCAL S.p.A. Website. MELCAL S.p.A. does this for statistical purposes, to make Customer/User use of the Website(s) as straightforward as possible. MELCAL S.p.A. makes this Data as anonymous as possible and this Data is not forwarded to third parties.


Contacting MELCAL S.p.A.

Should the Customer/User have any questions relating to MELCAL S.p.A.’s privacy policy, the Customer/User may send an email to: info@melcal com. Should the Customer/User wish to ask for information regarding which of their (Personal) Data MELCAL S.p.A. has stored, the Customer/User may ask for an overview of this (Personal) Data by sending an email to: info@melcal com.



This privacy policy is applicable on all the Services of MELCAL S.p.A. and the Website of MELCAL S.p.A. MELCAL S.p.A. reserves the right to make changes to its privacy policy at any time. Melcal Marine B.V. reserves the right to make changes to its privacy policy at any time. The Customer/User can find the most recent version on the MELCAL S.p.A. Website. 


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